Computer Guided Placement With X-Nav/X-Guide

We are extremely excited to announce that we are one of the first offices in the Kansas City area with X-Nav. This groundbreaking system allows us to place implants fully guided without a clunky plastic guide in your mouth. The system is more accurate than traditional guides, less expensive and more comfortable.

What this means for you is your doctor can strategically place your implant with exact precision. The results are a higher success rate, better looking outcomes and near elimination of risks such as sinus and nerve involvement. Ask us for more details the next time you are in the office! 

For more information about Computer Guided Placement With X-Nav/X-Guide or to schedule a consultation with
Dr. Keith or Dr. Bill, call our office in Mission, KS at Keith + Associates Dentistry Phone Number 913-384-0044 or use our contact form.
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